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According to the research conducted by leading media sources such as Forbes, HumanResources, EBN, etc. the TOP 7 Challenges faced by HR Directors in 2019-2020 are:

Talent Retention

Hiring Right Talent

Diversity and Inclusion

Creating Learning Culture

Employee Health & Well-being

Leadership Development and Succession Planning

Increasing Employee Engagement, Morale and Satisfaction

What if all these challenges (+ more) could be addressed by a single solution?

Think of these challenges as bad fruits on a tree. If we only fix the fruits, then the faulty roots will continue to bear more such fruits. The root cause of these challenges is Undesirable Work Culture.

A culture that is hindering people from taking ownership and responsibility.

This may sound abrupt or incorrect or improbable at first, so we request you to please keep an open mind and take a look at this short, 3 minutes, video on this perspective...

When each person takes complete ownership and responsibility of their duties, then it will create such an organization culture that these challenges will get addressed automatically.

At Wuji International, we believe in fixing the roots and not just the fruits!

How to develop the sense of Ownership and Responsibility in each person?

By allowing the organisation’s culture to go from Good→Great

How to take an Organisation’s Culture from Good→Great?

By developing a Culture of Empowerment through learning and practicing Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness

We have created a 4-points Strategic Solution that is fully customizable. The idea is to address the challenges, mentioned previously, from 4 different angles to ensure effective and sustainable change management, across various levels in the organisation.

A unique, one-of-a-kind, 2-week program to enhance Self-Awareness, Self-Motivation, Self-Regulation and Empathy by deep diving into the Tales of Master Wuji.


A unique setup to develop Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness through open-agenda conversations.


Sometimes, extra care is required to handle matters that can’t be handled or addressed in a group setting.


We believe that Good Companies have Good Leaders at the top and Great Companies have Great Leaders at every level.