Our Methodology


Suppose you want to learn how to drive a car.

If someone gives you a classroom training about various aspects like how to change gear, how to use clutch and accelerator, how to put your hands on the steering wheel, how to adjust and look into the mirrors, how to change a flat tire, and so on; will that be enough?

Obviously not. Let’s say, they give you a practical demo also. Will that be enough?

Again, the answer is NO. Why? Because there are certain skills that require immersion and continuous hand-holding until you feel confident enough to take it further yourself. Such hand-holding is referred to as a Learning Journey.

Learning to drive is one such example. The instructor is there to identify where you make mistakes, point them to you and correct you.

All this is common sense and we have plenty of examples in our day-to-day life. Yet, we hardly see such Journeys in the Corporate World. Isn’t it odd? There are some topics that just can’t be delivered via trainings. Just plain and simple – not possible.

For example, inculcating Emotional Intelligence among Employees. It is a wasteful activity in terms of time, money and energy to try and inculcate Emotional Intelligence via training programs. Training programs have their place and use. But not here. Here, you need to introduce Learning Journeys because they create immersion.

Developing Emotional Intelligence is neither a Training nor a Workshop.

It’s a Learning Journey.