Employee Mental Wellness Program

"People are so engrossed in work that they are not able to look after their physical, mental and emotional wellness. They may be going through some psychological issues that they are not comfortable to speak with their peers or manager but may find it easier to speak with a coach."

A Senior HR Manager once shared this with us in an online forum and this statement was supported by several other HR Professionals who were present.

Health is not the absence of disease but a balance between body, mind and spirit -Ayurveda

Mental Wellness is a combination of 3 things. Without juggling these 3 balls simultaneously, we cannot expect a holistic mental wellness. Therefore, for holistic mental wellness, we take this approach:

  1. Body Wellness: Regular Yoga Sessions

  2. Mind Wellness: Regular Discussion Sessions based on Emotional Intelligence. This helps to gain clarity and alternate perspectives on issues and challenges that leads to poor mental wellness. For example, if 2 team members have conflict due to difference in opinion, then Yoga and Meditation is not the complete solution. They first need to resolve it to a certain point (if not completely) so that they can focus on meditation. Otherwise, they will not be able to. Therefore, such open agenda conversations help to discuss problems at hand.

  3. Spirit Wellness: Regular Meditation Sessions based on Mindfulness

The high-level objective is to:

  1. Help individuals to become more open and accept different perspectives

  2. Help individuals to manage stress, anxiety and pressure better

  3. Help individuals to feel more motivated and connected

We do this by facilitating an environment which will help people

  • to become more aware about the importance of mental wellness

  • to learn new and practical ways to look after their mental wellness

  • to feel ok to discuss whatever is bothering them and draining their energy

The monthly break-up of activities is as follows:

  1. Information Sessions (Fortnightly): Mental Wellness concepts sharing based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.

  2. Open Discussions (Fortnightly): Holding open conversations to help internalize these concepts.

  3. Yoga and Meditation (Weekly): Participants can invite their family members as well.

  4. WhatsApp Group: Participants will be added to a WhatsApp group where we will share useful info in the form of videos, audios, blogs, articles, etc. They can use the group for sharing their insights or asking questions or initiating discussions, etc.

And we all know “Happy Employees means Happy Customers”