Practical Emotional Intelligence

One of the fundamental rules of Change Management is to offer sufficient hand-holding until the individual feels integrated with the change.

These conversations help us to achieve that goal and delivery is 100% online. The agenda is kept open so that the participants take the ownership and responsibility of driving this. When they suggest the topic, then they take the learning from it seriously. This is not just a statement; this has been proven again-and-again.

Here are some recordings from past conversations that clearly shows the level of interaction from the participants because they feel that they are in the driver seat...

For your benefit, here are some common challenges that can be addressed (but not limited to):

  1. Helping teams to become more open and accept different perspectives

  2. Helping team members and managers to trust each other more

  3. Helping team members to become more collaborative with each other

  4. Helping individuals to manage stress, anxiety and pressure better

  5. Helping individuals to feel more motivated and connected

  6. Helping managers to become better leaders and coaches

  7. Helping managers to facilitate growth environment for their team

  8. Helping managers to boost their team performance

  9. Reducing bullying, harassment, attrition, office politics and problems like these

  10. Improving Employee Retention through better engagement

This is not an exhaustive list. Just some common challenges we often hear.

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