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Akarma | Anamika

We wanted to use this time and attention of yours to focus on the results we can bring for you.

We’ve been practicing Laser Coaching in many different forms such as Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching for 20+ years.

Laser Coaching is an advance-level coaching practice to bring paradigm shift in lesser number of sessions in comparison to traditional coaching methods.

Our core philosophy while coaching someone is to develop Emotional Intelligence via Mindfulness.

We believe that people in general are good and want to do the right thing. They sometimes take decisions that may be considered bad or wrong because we judge those decisions by the result they produced. However, the person never intended to take a bad or wrong decision. They experienced certain “lack of choices” and they just chose the best option out of the available ones.

Our job is to expand their perceptions so that they have more choices. And we do this through Laser Coaching.

What can we do for your Organisation?

We have developed 2 Frameworks that help us in our work:

1. Trustable Confidant: This framework is specifically designed for anyone in Consulting profession. This is a Systematic Coaching Framework guided by an inspiration that to become a Trusted Adviser, one must first become a Trustable Confidant. Read more...

Akarma describes the concept of Trustable Confidant, in details, in his first book, Confessions of an IT Consultant.

2. Invisible Leadership: This is a Systematic Organization Culture Development Framework, specifically designed for anyone in Leadership role. We believe that Good Organizations have Good Leaders at the top AND Great Organizations have Great Leaders, everywhere. Read more...

Together, we bring more than 3 decades of experience in the space of People Development, to your organization. We specialize in creating Learning Journeys based on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness:

  1. To address complex challenges such as High Attrition, Low Employee Engagement, WFH-related challenges, Engaging Millennials, Office Politics and so on…

  2. To inculcate the sense of Ownership & Responsibility among Employees

  3. To prepare the employees for the Future Workplace which involves collaboration between AI, Robotics, Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X.

  4. To create awareness and improve Mental Health and Wellbeing

  5. To develop Leaders, Successors and Coaches

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People on a Mission, have no Competition

We are passionate about Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness. Thought-provoking messages on Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness are frequently shared on LinkedIn by Akarma and Anamika

We started a group on LinkedIn called Practical Emotional Intelligence. Nearly 900 Global Leaders are part of this group, including HR Directors, CEOs, MDs, GMs and likes.

We conducted Practical Emotional Intelligence Conversations for this group. These calls are recorded and available from our YouTube channel.

Here is what we covered in Season 1

All conversations of Season 2 are not processed yet. Here is what has been uploaded so far

We also created few short videos on Practical Emotional Intelligence Insights. This includes

  • One simple way to deal with Uncertainty

  • 5 Steps to Integrate with Emotional Intelligence

We’re often invited to share our views on how Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness can be practically implemented in the work environment. Recently, an organization named, HR Success Talks (a community of 1.5 Lac+ HR Professionals), recorded Akarma’s views on the following topics:

  • What is Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotional Intelligence in Organization

  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership

  • Emotional Intelligence and its Application in Daily Life

  • Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment

  • Emotional Intelligence in Induction

  • Emotional Intelligence in Performance Review

  • Emotional Intelligence in Professional Development

  • Emotional Intelligence in Employee Engagement

The complete playlist is available from here…